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Take the sustainability of your e-bike to the next level with an ISOCO e-bike!

The greenest way to produce bikes in the world

ISOCO sets a new standard for sustainable bicycle manufacturing.  The new V-frame technology introduced by ISOCO Plastics GmbH reduces energy use in production by 50% compared to standard frame manufacturing processes, and results in a frame that is 100% recyclable at the end of its useful life, bringing the bike industry a big step further towards a circular economy.

When the useful life of your bike ends, another one is born from it.

We produce, you enjoy, we recycle

V-frames are high performance injection-moulded carbon composite bike frames. Designed, manufactured and built in Germany, reducing the number of transport movements required to put a bike together.

Visit for more information about ISOCO bikes, and to learn more about the unique frame manufacturing technology.

Exclusively available in Australia through E-stralian.

Full salary sacrifice option when using the e-bike to commute

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