Together with Riese & Müller, E-stralian is giving 3 lucky United Energy Around The Bay 2019 riders the opportunity to enjoy their ride on a premium e-bike (or e-cargobike) for free.  E-stralian’s theme for the event is ‘OVERCOMING’.

What hurdle do you need to overcome to join the United Energy Around the Bay?

Everyone is overcoming something or trying to overcome something?  Let’s focus that on exercise, e-bikes and commuting.  If one of our e-bikes can help you or your family/friend join the United Energy Around The Bay, then please get in touch with us by Tue 1 October with a short motivation. Lucky winners will be contacted by Friday 4 October.

E-stralian is looking for:

  • Riders who want to have fun and have to overcome change.  Sometimes it is time to try something new!
  • Riders who are overcoming an injury.
  • Riders who are overcoming confidence because this is their first time doing this event.  Maybe its your first time on an e-bike?
  • Riders who are overcoming a decision because they can’t decide how they can best commute with their children.
  • Riders who no longer want a car and want to be able to go grocery shopping and move their stuff without a car.  ( you don’t need a child to ride cargo bikes)
  • Riders who like riding bikes but are tentative about committing to cycling events and overcome that because may enjoy it more with an with an e-bike.

Helmets (also for kids) and locks are included.  We hope to encourage more people to ride 20K or 50Ks with our various e-bike styles that accommodate solo and family rides.  We also have great e-bikes to accommodate the 100-150K rider looking for an extra push. Riders need to be 18+, register as a participant to the United Energy Around The Bay, and a deposit and photo ID are required.

Hit us up with your story using the form and let’s get you riding!