1. Do I need to build additional facilities to accommodate e-bikes?

    E-bikes have the same dimensions as regular bicycles, so the same facilities can be used. Since the e-bikes are of high value, we highly recommend secure bicycle parking facilities. Providing power outlets to charge e-bikes helps to show your commitment, but is not required. E-bike batteries do not need charging that often (depending on model and use, a single charge will get you a range between 40-150km), and can be charged from any regular power outlet using the charger that is supplied with the bike. Please contact us via the contact page to discuss further.

  2. I am familiar with novated leases for cars. How does the E-stralian e-bike novated lease compare to those?

    The E-stralian e-bike novated lease agreement is like a car novated lease agreement. It is an agreement between E-stralian as the owner of the e-bike, your staff member as the e-bike rider and you as the employer. However, E-bike novated leases are much simpler than car novated leases. Almost all car novated leases use a budget for fuel, service and maintenance, and that budget requires reconciliation of receipts and potentially additional payments at the end of the year. E-stralian offers a flat fee for service and maintenance, as long as the actual use of the e-bike is similar to the expected use we agreed on in the contract. That means no receipts or reconciliations to be done, saving you and your employer time!

  3. I offer car novated leases to my staff already, why should I add novated leases on e-bikes?

    You see the value in providing additional benefits to your staff, that’s great! What factors drive your decision to add a certain benefit for your staff?

    • Should the benefit enhance your credentials as a sustainable employer of choice?
    • Should it provide staff with a healthy and comfortable alternative to their daily commute?
    • Wouldn’t it be nice if the benefit reduces staff parking costs (and stress), leaving more opportunity for visiting clients to park?
    • Should the benefit let your staff save on tax?

    The E-stralian e-bike novated lease ticks all those boxes. An e-bike novated lease gives your staff the opportunity to take control of their commute and pay for it out of their pre-tax salary. The e-bike is a competitive mode of transport for car and public transport trips up to 15km in urban environments, particularly in peak hour. The support of the 250W electric motor lets your staff ride to work without breaking a sweat, while still accessing the benefits of riding a bicycle like improved physical and mental wellbeing and reduced absenteeism. Are you ready to let your staff take control of their commute? Please contact us via the contact page and we’ll help you get set up quickly!

  4. Riding a bike is dangerous, why would I encourage that for my employees?

    No form of transport is without risks, and cycling has many proven health benefits for your staff, like improved general health and wellbeing and reduced absenteeism. Moreover, as part of our packages we offer route-finding help to identify safe and comfortable routes for your staff members, as well as bike skills refresher courses to get their bike handling skills and road rules knowledge up to speed. The content of our standard courses satisfies the requirements imposed by several organisations who make a fleet of e-bikes available to their staff to ride between different work locations or to see clients/suppliers. Please get in touch and we will gladly discuss with you the options to alleviate your concerns and work with you on any specific requirements you may have.