Real life test rides

We’ve got a wide range of Merida, Orbea and Riese & Müller e-bikes for a test ride.

Our recommended test ride is the Real-Life Test Ride: a short-term e-bike rental for 1-2 weeks, starting at just $175 for 1 week and if you buy/lease through us after, you’ll even get the rent back!

The Real-Life Test Ride lets you  experience an e-bike for your daily transport needs before committing to a purchase or lease.

We have a wide range of premium e-bikes available including e-cargobikes. Real Life Test Rides include a thorough induction, helmet, lock and pannier bag.

Optional: home delivery and pick-up, route-finding help, skills training and even riding with you to build your confidence!

What is an e-bike?

A bike with a bit extra:

A pedal assisted electric bicycle (e-bike) combines advanced technology, comfort and fun. You ride it just like a normal bicycle but with just that extra push that makes it so much easier.

What’s your drive?